Navigating the Internet Job Boards

O’Leary is the principal of Loss Prevention Recruiters a leading national Retail Loss Prevention Recruiting Solutions Provider. He is a former Loss Prevention Executive who has provided Loss Prevention Career Advice for over 20 years and can be reached at 440-210-1867 or Published in LP Magazine e-Newsletter 8-25-11.

I have found and to be excellent resources to keep current on what is going on job wise in our industry. LinkedIn has established itself
as a terrific resource for candidates to get their names out there and be discovered by internal and external recruiters. However, there is a lot of frustration out there for Loss Prevention/Asset Protection job seekers who utilize the internet job boards and it is easy to understand why. The number one complaint that I hear frequently is that after making the online application they never hear anything back. No email rejection because they did not fit the profile let alone acknowledgement that their resumes were even received. It has been described as like applying to a black hole. Many applicants are left wondering if their resumes went through correctly and apply again just to be sure.

Companies on the other hand are overwhelmed with applicants every time they post positions and many are not equipped to deal with the huge responses or simply choose to only respond to those applicants who interest them. There are many candidates who apply that have no LP/AP experience, but there is no doubt that companies could do a better job of at the least confirming the receipt of a resume, especially for those applicants who are in our industry.

As a candidate, the best thing that you can do is continue to apply for those positions that you are qualified for every time a company posts a new position and do not give up because your persistence
can pay off.


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